Jigsaw is back

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Remember back in the day when shopping in Jigsaw was like shopping in COS and managed to bridge that gap between High St and Designer brands, with the right blend of fashion and classic items in great quality fabrics and original prints.

They lost their Mojo somewhere in the early 2000’s and blended into the sea of bland that became the High St-  not quite as exciting or fashion forward as Zara, or quirky enough to compete with COS.

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Well it seems they are back on track thanks to an excellent team who include ex-Burberry and Paul Smith designers and a new product director, Shailina Parti,.

When I visited the Argyll St store last week, I could have bought several things, particularly the knitwear and outerwear. They have upped the quality and got the whole Athleisure thing just right, mixing cosy layering pieces with more fashion forward items in lovely colour combinations. I also like the timeless and ageless styling.

Jigsaw_A line collection_The_Womens_Room_01

The A Line Collection

They have also just launched A-Line, a 40-piece collection in six stores and online, of  artisan-inspired pieces, designed in-house using high quality fabrications sourced from UK and Italy. More akin to Joseph or Margaret Howell the price points are higher than the main line collection at around £300 for trousers and £700 for outerwear.

Jigsaw_A line collection_The_Womens_Room_05

The A Line Collection

Retailers take note, this is what the older customer wants – aspirational style in good quality fabrics – and  we are willing to pay a bit more for it!

Well I am anyway – what do you think?


  • Sue says:

    I can scarcely believe it’s Jigsaw. Very lovely clothes – esp like the two grey skirts, which I am going to try and track down. So different from my (decades long…) perception of Jigsaw – all that droopy, floaty, sparkly stuff and dark, mysterious photos in the advertising. Definitely prepared to pay more for good stuff.

  • Faye says:

    I remember when they were good back in the 90s. Hopefully this will be the start of a continued new direction not like Gap who seemed to give up on their new look and are back to being more miss than hit.

  • I’ve bought quite a few pieces from Jigsaw this season and love them. Beautiful quality which makes me feel so good when I wear it. GG

  • Jude says:

    Spot on, Jane. It’s all I’m ever looking for – aspirational styling in quality fabrics at a decent price. I’m perfectly prepared to buy fewer items of better quality. So many ‘experts’ have got it SO monumentally wrong in terms of targeting the 40+ fashion market up til now, I do hope this perceived shift in understanding our needs/wants/desires continues and expands.

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