Anthropologie’s Auction: how to get your hands on some stylish Christmas decorations


This has got me very excited, our friends over at Anthropologie are selling their super-creative in store display props to raise much needed cash for the Save The Children’s charity Child Refugee Crisis appeal.

We love Anthro stores, they are a great source of visual inspiration and the shopping experience is good because of the great displays and visual merchandising. The in house visual artists make all their own props, many of which are works of art on their own. Now there’s a chance to bid for some of the wonderful wall art, textile art, sculpture and hanging installations that are no longer needed, such as the gorgeous floral cones seen above.

I’m thinking Christmas decorations here, not that I’m a competitive decorator or anything (ahem) but I bet there will be some great ideas for Holiday display, with a little gold spray paint here and there…..

The auction is taking place at the Regent Street Store in London, on Wednesday, November 11th, between 6.30pm and 8.00pm. You will need to be in the store to bid and members of the display team will be on hand to answer questions on the items. I’m sure if you ask very nicely they will answer any questions on their work, such as how do they actually make this stuff and can we do it at home?

Normally I’d be apologetic about this being a London-centric event, as I appreciate you can’t all be here, but this time I’m selfishly quite pleased, as I have to warn you, you’re going to be competing with me on the bidding. I don’t want too much competition…..

anthroSee you there if you fancy going,  I’ll be the one with my hand up the whole time…..Anthropologie website here

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