A Very Good Denim Dress From COS

A quick post today telling you about a very good denim dress I stumbled over in COS last week. I was Christmas present shopping for twentysomethingsons and it just fell into my vision, honest.

I was drawn to the deep turn back cuffs, like you see on jeans currently, and the slimline shape, the generous pockets and the no-frills plain-ness. I love a denim dress, and this is one you can wear in the winter, with fabulous opaque tights and perhaps a white shirt or funnel neck sweater underneath. The dress has tabard-style side splits, which might make bare-legs tricky in the cold, the young girls in COS suggested (brace yourselves) leggings worn with brogues. I cringe at this because I can’t look leggings-as-daywear in the face, due to a prolonged love affair with them in the late 80s worn under giant size English Eccentric shirts, but never say never on planet fashion.

Anyway, the dress is £79.00 here and selling fast, sizes as I write are running out. Just letting you know.


  • shopping sophie says:

    i have to say, as nice as this denim dress is, it comes up very small. Go up a size if you have boobs or normal sized shoulders!

  • Amanda says:

    Oh thanks Sophie, my size 12 fitted ok, but I did notice there were no size 14s on the rail! A

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