Christmas Gift Guide for M.A.Ds

M.A.D christmas list

Today’s Christmas gift guide is brought to you courtesy of M.A.D and is particularly relevant if the M.A.D in your life is a graphic designer/architect type, as it is packed with tasteful/practical ideas as well as the odd ridiculously expensive ‘in your dreams’ idea.

M.A.D is a huge fan of a grey marl sweatshirt and over the years has become an expert at finding the perfect combo of high quality fabric and perfect fit. This one from Reigning Champ meets all his criteria.

He is also a lover of a comfy slipper – but they have to also be stylish – grey, felt and super simple, Serenza give good slipper.

The iPad Pro and Chronograph watch are firmly in the ‘never going to happen’ section of his list – but hey a man can dream.

A posh fountain pen set is much more realistic, as is a very nifty contraption that allows you to store all of your keys in one place.

Also useful is The Mod, a storage wallet – particularly for those who travel a lot – which allows you to store your tablet, phone, pens, stylus, glasses, cards, cash, notebook and headphones etc – all in one place.

Any modern lumbersexual, young or older, loves a hiking boot – even they are just for walking the dog – and End Clothing have the best selection. They also have the ultimate, iconic biker jacket from Belstaff.

M.A.D Christmas list 2

Retro toy kits are also a ‘must have’ for the modern man and The Hurricane Model Kit and Mercedes Silver Arrow Kit from M.A.Ds favourite ever website Manufactum, will tick all his kidult boxes.

Beards are also still a thing and M.A.D spends almost as much money on his as I do on my hair, so beard oil is an essential stocking filler.

The contemporary man isn’t afraid of a bit of homeware and M.A.D is loving the Japanese Yuki (the Japanese word for snow) vases from Goodhood (currently my absolute favourite shop). They also have the perfect selection of gloves.

And last but not least, if the the man in your life is something of a train spotter, he will love The Journey: The Fine Art of Travelling by Train.


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