Festariums, The New Terrariums

Terarriums! So last season! It’s all about the Festarium now….

OK, I made that up, but look how cute the terrarium looks when you make it a Christmas decoration. I learnt how to pimp up my terrarium at McQueen’s Flower School last week and had a ball creating festive landscapes with tiny perfume bottles, fake snow and bits of bendy twig. It is extremely easy to do and you can apply the idea to any old glass jar  you have hanging around, it would even work in miniature in a jam jar.


McQueens had some funky shaped pear-shaped containers too (pearariums?) but I opted for the open top jar for mine. All you need is some reasonably bendy twigs, sprayed gold or silver, which you fix to the bottom of the glass jar with sticky oasis (who knew about this fabulous stuff BTW?) and bend over the top of the container.

Then you pop in a handful of fake snow, position a bird or two, some twinkly balls, a pine cone and dangle small decorations off the bendy twigs and Bob’s your uncle, a festarium! Perfect for your Christmas table.


We were helped by McQueens  Flower School experts to get our decs right and if you are looking for a very lovely present for a budding florist then a short or day course at the school might be a thought…just saying.

There was a fabulous selection of accessories to play with, although the best ones were kept very simple. I loved constructing mine, it was so easy and as I have a whole cupboard full of old glass jars, large jam jars and Mason jars, I’m think I’ll do a few more to create a run of  impressive  Christmas lunch table decorations.


I went for flying scent elves in mine, below, who were all clutching tiny bottles of Annick Goutal and Narciso Rodriguez perfume (it was hosted by fragrance experts Kenneth Green Associates).



So should you have a spare hour or so (I mean it’s not like it’s a busy time of year….) a few old glass jars doing nothing or perhaps things went bad with your botanical terrarium and it’s sitting around doing nothing, then you could knock up one for yourself.


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