Ferment Your Vegetables by Amanda Feifer


I have no idea why January seems to be the month everyone goes on a diet. I get the Christmas overeating reaction, but January and February are often miserable months that require comfort food and cosy living in front of real fires, wrapped in something snuggly, to get me though it. However, for those of you keen to eat healthily, I can certainly recommend this new book from pickle-expert Amanda Feifer. You can read more about Amanda on her excellent blog Phickle

Fermented vegetables, kimchi, kraut and pickles have been having a ‘moment’, in the super-food spotlight, being chocked full of probiotics, enzymes, vitamins minerals and other things I don’t really understand. Whatever the health angle, pickled things are delicious and very easy to make. This book is full of very easy to do recipes, with nice images and straightforward advice. I’m not sure I’ll ever actually make shiso leaf kimchi or nutty brussels sprout pickles, but I’ve enjoyed reading how to, and the colours the pickles go make them look delightful in glass jars.

Ferment Your Vegetables: A Fun and Flavorful Guide to Making Your Own Pickles, Kimchi, Kraut, and More

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