adidas Originals Tubular, a clean looking trainer for spring.


Since I can’t have a pair of those lovely, men only Grenson New Balance trainers, I’ve been searching out another style to fill the space. The enthusiasm for trendy trainers worn with smart daywear shows no signs of abating, although we seem to have moved on from neon brights and primary colours to a more clean, monotone approach for SS16. I’m a BIG monotone fan, life is very much simpler -everything works with everything! -if your wardrobe consists of just two colours, black and white.

I am rather taken with the adidas Originals Tubular range. Stan Smith’s are too ubiquitous to be interesting nowadays and they are too white, I like the Tubulars because they are a more pleasing shade of off-white (although they also come in optic if you prefer).

The Tubular Defiants (below) are quite avant garde and slightly Comme des Garcons-ish, but I prefer the simpler, Tubular Viral ones (above). I spotted them in the adidas store in Carnaby Street last week, where there are a few colour ways that don’t appear on line, including an on-fashion-point rose pink and pea green pair that would do Wes Anderson proud.


It’s very unusual to find a trainer that is one blanket colour, or two if you like the Defiants. I can’t decided if I prefer the practical and immensely wearable black Viral ones, below, with their clean lines, off white soles and modernist vibe, or the all-off white version, top, whose fresh-canvas-clean look would be good with summer dresses and high-hemline trousers. There’s also a grey version. They are around £80.



  • Sue says:

    What do you think of Clarks Trigenics? I have been considering a pair for a while, but I just can’t decide whether they are fabulous or hideous. I never thought I would wear trainers. Ever. But, this winter I bought two pairs ( not Trigenics) and have loved them.

  • Amanda says:

    Sue, TBH I feel they are a bit clunky, a wee bit over designed….but they will be comfy. I know what you mean about trainers too, I believed I’d never wear a pair outside of the gym, but here we are discussing them as stylish daywear, that’s fashion for you! Ax

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