Another look at the Spring Bomber Jacket


image Tommy Ton

What I’m looking for with my fantasy spring bomber jacket is exactly this look above, on Ana Gimeno Brugada, my current style crush and a woman whose wardrobe I would happily sell my soul for.

I’m looking for an oversized casual vibe, to give a relaxed air that will work for everyday, with an added touch of glamour through the fabric or colour. Satin absolutely works for me. I want to wear it with my high-tide hemline trousers (the new fashion term for that cropped/culotte length) and turned up boyfriend jeans. And maybe a pair of vented combat trousers like Ana’s, now she’s brought them to my attention.

Don’t you just love that scarf, too?

Fashion is definitely slowing down. Bomber jackets have been around for a number of season and I suspect it’s because they are comfortable and can add a decorative, sporty or seductive vibe, depending on how you wear it. Just like sliver metallic shoes – which are absolutely everywhere even though Jane and I have been wearing ours for aeons (they are practically vintage in terms of trend) – once we consumers find a good thing, we are reluctant to let it go.

So it is that the bomber is in almost every collection this spring. But they have many guises, so in case they appeal I’ve done a bit more research.


The Iconic Bomber. This is The One. It is, of course, stupidly expensive, being from from Acne Studio (above £480). But it is perfect. And silvery satin is a  colour that I’m using more and more as another neutral,  because it works -and indeed brightens- everything. Ah well, dream on.


The Pastel Bomber. There is a good Mango satin bomber in powder pink which looks promising as a better priced replacement to the Acne one, although powder pink isn’t everyone’s idea of a practical hue and fessing up, I haven’t actually checked this one out IRL so you’re on your own with the quality. But at £59.99 it’s got to be worth a look.


The Seductive Bomber. Think Carine Roitfeld in her wiggly pencil skirt, her curtain drape hair wearing this bomber above, in suitably French-chic camo-colours. These two bombers are from the just launched Uniqlo/Roitefeld collaboration and are fitted, waisted, slim-cut and more realistically priced, at £49.00. Warning, they are cut with a narrow frame in mind and work best when layered over the silk blouse at £59.00 and silk camisole at £39.00. Layer up the prints for a camo-mash-up, worn on their own have a touch of the Per Una about them (during its decorative years) and don’t go near the bomber with the faux fur, it’s a fire hazard just waiting to happen.


The Decorative Bomber. Much loved by a partying Kate Moss, the decorative bomber is a good, glamourous evening jacket, The one above is the aspirational version, by Jonathan Saunders, which has all but sold out. However….


….this quilted oriental  bomber above is from Marks & Spencer and £65. I know. Who’d’ve thought? It’s nice to be able to report something good coming from M&S, as the place is still in the doldrums, clothes wise. The decorative embroidery, satin quilting  and sporty vibe is really not bad at all. And then there’s this one…


….also from M&S, and coming soon. It would work very well as a summer party jacket slung over a good T shirt or bias-slip style dress, and the almost camo colouring combined with the chinese-style weave gives it a maximalist vibe. More like this please M&S.


The Fashion Bomber. I’m not suggesting you buy this sleek Vetements bomber (at, ahem, £915), but it gives me an excuse to mention the brand. Everyone is talking about Vetements, it’s a Parisian based design collective that has the fash-pack in its thrall. The style is (expensive) conceptual-simplicity, with -to my eyes at least- no real age barrier. The label has a modern business approach and is aiming to break free of the old fashion system by showing mens and womens clothes together, just twice a year in January and June, to sell immediately. Much like Burberry. The printed tea dresses will be everywhere this summer, just keeping you in the loop.


The Sporty Bomber. Nike is not where I would have looked for a bomber, but this Aeroloft one at £130  is a) on Net A Porter, b) rather lovely. I really like the pointelle detailing at the yoke, and it has a contemporary sporty vibe I think would work well as an ‘I’m off to yoga’ jacket, even if you were not.




  • Monix says:

    Nope Amanda – have to disagree with your usual impeccable taste here. A bomber jacket (as opposed to a parka style) is not grown-up chic – more like an extra out of the film “Grease” (“tell me more, tell me moooore”!). Too short to cover a spreading middle-aged bum and rather try-hard (looking at you Ms Roitfeld).

  • steffi says:

    I, on the other hand, thank the Fashion Gods for the bomber. I loved it first time round (especially on my boyfriend 20 or so years ago) and I have always loved wearing men’s clothes. I can work with this to great effect! X

  • Shellimans says:

    The shoes – you didn’t mention her drop dead and die for amazing fabulous shoes – where from (online) pleeze.

  • Amanda says:

    Sorry for my slow response here ladies, I guess the bomber isn’t for everyone Mon, but I do think the longer line one is worth a try and perhaps steer clear of the zany colours to avoid any Olivia Newton John references…..I can imagine you look fab in a bomber Steffi and Shellimans, I wasn’t concentrating! The shoes are divine, are they perhaps Marni shearling clogs? A

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