Perfect Pants from Me+Em

Track pants_go faster Stripes_Me & Em_ the womens room_01

Palazzo pants and side stripe wide crop

Me+Em is a brand I have wanted to like for a while, but it’s never quite lived up to my expectations. Their strap line ‘Intelligent style, now + forever’ ticks all my boxes, and I want to love their pared down aesthetic, but the clothes have always been a little bit to ‘safe’ for me – until now.

On the hunt for a pair of go faster stripe formal trousers (yes they’re a ‘thing’) I came across their trouser range and was pleasantly surprised to find several pairs I loved – which never happens, even in COS.

Track pants_go faster Stripes_Me & Em_ the womens room_02

side stripe slim crop and side stripe

They have a great range of casual and formal styles and lots of styles in between – which is great if you want to achieve that all important athleisure look.

I have ordered the side stripe slim cropped,  side stripe wide crop and the slim crop and will report back on the quality and fit – but everything is crossed that I won’t be sending them all back and that this will be a new brand to love.

Track pants_go faster Stripes_Me & Em_ the womens room_03

The slouchy jogger and stretch gaberdine zip detail



  • Monix says:

    I buy all my tailored trousers at Me+Em – great fit and styling (agree that there are a bit “safe”, but that’s what I want with trousers- the flair can come with the tops).
    Hope you like yours Jane!

  • Jane says:

    I got them and love them all (dangerous) Monix. really nice fabric and well made and great fit – work on every level – yay
    J x

  • Faye says:

    I remember wearing these in the 90s. I swear designers/trend spotters are just sitting there ticking off everything they can remember about the 90s (or which ever decade they’ve decided is fashionable now) and giving a tiny twist to make it look like an original idea.

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