India Amazon Fashion Week: Street Style Shots with Ishtailista



We had such a nice response to the Jaipur street style reports we ran recently, that when photographer Ishtailista mentioned he was going to India Amazon Fashion Week, I asked him to see if he could give us a flavour of what the (more grown up) fashion pack wore in New Delhi. I’m a bit bored of the same old faces showing up in London/New York/Paris/Milan, regardless of how well dressed they are, so this seemed a good chance to get a fresh look at an old format, if you follow me.

It was Ishtailista’s first trip to fashion week too and as TWR, we managed to secure him access to shoot all the shows. I know! Who knew we held such sway in India? We have a few Indian designers to show you later, but we’re starting with a taste of street style outside the show-hub.

I LOVE the above dress. I am not yet a fan of the current trend for wearing polo neck tops under spaghetti strap sun dresses, but this style circumnavigates the weirdness issue with an all-in-one approach. And the trim on the hem and button placket makes me very happy. Also the flats.



Although I’m not a heel fan, most of India Amazon Fashion Week appears to be, I love the colour and the cut of these culottes, it looks good with the denim jacket but would look better to me with flats….But each to their own.



Now we’re taking, love these espadrille-based floral trainers, they add just the right touch of colour to the more subdued mono-tone layered look.



White worn head-to-toe with textured layers, gorg. Good to see the metallics are still in the running for footwear too.



Cream and white is surfacing everywhere as a summer colour combo, as well as black and white monotone. I like the idea of using a big scarf as a textural and colour layer addition. Also, I might need to know where that Japanese-like bag is from…



Are you ready for all white? It’s coming. I look at this slender, elegant tailored suit and just wonder at the cleaning regime….

indiafashionweek-thewomensroomblog copy

Mixing in a bit of black makes me feel it’s a bit more practical…although I’m never going to be persuaded to wear a padded velvet hairband again <80soverload>.



Is this mono-maximalist? Very stylish accessories and a beautiful shade of cosmetic pink on the turban make this pretty fabulous.



Not sure about the bloke in a boater, but there’s something uplifting about the red used as an upbeat update on the all-white. There’s more about Amazon India Fashion week on Ishtailista’s excellent blog here. Next up will be a selection of hot India designers….



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