A great swimsuit from The White Company


The White Company clothes are really stepping up a gear. You remember we mentioned they were worth a second look here, well I recently went to the Summer press day, where I spotted a great, well priced, one piece bathing suit.

This rarely happens. Usually with swimsuits much effort goes into carving away fabric, leaving teeny shapes, which is marvellous if you are young and skinny, not so good if you are lumpier and less inclined to show off your high thigh, side boob or stomach- even if it is through a cut-away keyhole shape. I’m not often tempted by what’s on offer for well priced one-pieces. I buy a new swimsuit about once a decade, since I wear one for about two weeks a year, and I never throw my old ones away (they never wear out) so I’ve got quite a few, but I’m seriously interested in this one.

Firstly, it’s a halter neck with a great shape, sexy but not too revealing and with a great cut. And the fabric is good, navy with a white spotted stripe that’s nicely firm. It’s trimmed with a white pom pom edging that’s slightly nostalgic, it reminds me of swimming costumes from the 70s. At £59.00 here, it goes up to a size 16. I’m off on holiday in a couple of weeks and this is going on my ‘to buy’ list.

There’s a great broderie cotton dress coming for summer too, it’s not up on the website yet, but the broderie jersey top in white and navy is cute and the woven top is a great shape too. Keep an eye on the website if you are -like me- a sucker for a bit of broderie anglaise-style cotton.


The White Company has also just launched a really love skin range called Spa Naturals, using natural ingredients and essential oils to provide the smells. TWC does really excellent mid-priced smells, I am a big fan of the scented candles so I was looking forward to trialling the new skin products and if you’ve ever wanted to have that luxury ‘spa’ smell in your own house, this is the range for you.

Spa Relax is all about me-time unwinding and uses lavender and clary sage as the scent base, Spa Restore is more rejuvenating and uses eucalyptus, neroli and geranium. There are body oils, creams, scrubs and candles. I’ve been using the Restore body scrub (to prepare for the sun!) and the roll-on Relax pulse points fragrance, which I was kindly given by the brand, and it’s all really lovely.



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