Summer Style Inspiration With Sandra Semburg and Amanda Brookes


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A very quick post this morning, as other deadlines loom with the day job, but now the weather looks like it might actually be summer, I thought I’d share my new favourite Street Style blogger, Sandra Semburg.

There are so many street style photographers around, but I’ve got very few sites bookmarked for a daily visit (The Sartorialist remains my all time favourite). Sandra’s style is clear and bright, she takes great photos of good clothes (not the bonkers cartoonish stuff you often see on some sites) and I like how she takes more than one shot of her subjects, so you get a more 360 view of the outfit. Although there’s an all too predictable lack of older women, a lot of what she shoots is easily adaptable.

I discovered her because I found that another of my all time favourite sites, I Love Your Style, by Amanda Brookes was up and running again. Amanda went MIBA (missing in blogging action) for about a year and I’ve only just seen that she’s revamped her site and started to blog regularly again. She mentioned Sandra’s site in one of her posts. I love to read about Amanda’s country lifestyle, it’s so absolutely picture perfect, her recipes are always great and a quick look at her images of her farm make you feel like you’ve been for a walk in the countryside

I feel I could do with a new list of inspiring blogs to read, what are you all reading on a daily basis? Apart from us of course!


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  • Kate Woodhead says:

    Books, crafts, textiles and just life – not fashion but if you like reading a great blog and with a world wide reputation.

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