House Of Plants by Caro Langton and Rose Ray


If you’ve lived or visited East London within the last few years, you’ll know that succulents and cacti are the house/shop plant du jour, popping up on hip coffee counters, in store windows and woven into VM displays in the coolest stores everywhere. We mentioned aeons ago that houseplants were back (always keeping you ahead of the curve, people) and its the design-friendly succulent and cacti that you need.


Part of the popularity of the plants can be pinned to a small stall in Broadway Market, and two girls, Caro and Rose, who sold the nicest selection of cacti, succulents, air plants and the occasional tropical fern. Both girls originally trained in fashion, which explains their style and visual skill and they eventually launched a design company, Ro Co on the back of its success, supplying top end stores across London and Europe.

Now here is the book, House Of Plants, full of beautiful pictures as well as help and advice on all things green. This makes a lovely coffee table book, but if you’re needing more of a reason to buy, it’s full of good ideas on how to display plants too. Crucially, it demonstrates how to make a macrame pot holder, which may make some of you laugh, but lets face it, fashion shows no sign of letting go of the 70s as a decade to love, so go buy some string and getting weaving.

Would make a perfect and inspiring Christmas present for young householders who have no clue how to look after indoor plants, but desperately want a collection of them. Buy here




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