Cook Yourself Happy by Caroline Fleming

Are we over Skandi stuff yet? I ask because if we’re not, then this new cookery book by Danish lifestyle blogger and model Caroline Fleming might suit a millennial near you as a festive present. Caroline is one of those bloggers who has gone global with her charming images of her enviable life and is a star of Ladies Of London, a reality TV show (nope, me neither).

Although she looks hardly old enough to have left school she’s packed in a huge amount, including having three kids, launching a kitchenware range and now this cookery book full of rather good Danish ‘family cooking’ recipes.

There are some delicious recipes in it, including some scrummy things with cream and potatoes (how do they all stay so thin?) A good read if you are wanting to learn more about Danish food or have a Skandi-mad millennial who likes to cook, or aspires to be a lifestyle guru nearby.

Cook Yourself Happy by Caroline Fleming


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