Catwalking: Photographs by Chris Moore

This is a must for any fashion fan. I can’t believe we haven’t popped this wonderful book on the reading list before now, it came out in November 2017 and is a glorious documentation of the last 60 years of Chris’s work as the big daddy of all catwalk photographers. At any show Chris can be spotted squished into the photographers’ pit and armed with a stoking great camera.

Chris became a catwalk photographer long before it was even a recognised job, when shows were attended by half a dozen fashion editors and a few hangers on. He started, his online catalogue of every fashion show in every season, as a resource for magazines and fashion houses before most people understood the significance of digital image availability. Consequently he has a cracking archive of pictures to choose from, as this book shows.

If you have a fashion library, this is a no-brainer addition to the shelves. There are also fashion essays on all the iconic shows by critic Alexander Fury, so plenty to read and plenty to look at. Buy here

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