Trend Alert: Long dresses and why you need one


Long dresses – particularly long printed dresses have never been my ‘thing’. But as we all know fashion has a way of persuading us that something previously filled us with horror can almost over night, become a object of desire.

My current wanna-be-witch vibe coupled with the contemporary boho look that so many catwalk designers are favouring, saw me spend many hours (well at least 40 minutes) trying to find the perfect Stevie Nicks meets The Olsen sisters (as designers, not in Full House) but not in a ‘woman who owns a mystical shop” way, dress.

Arket (my current favourite shop – watch COS, they are coming to get you) came up with the goods, with their floral print crepe dress, which is the perfect blend of floaty cool.

Asos, Zara, Equipment

Dark, preferably black ground floral prints, are the look of choice, but polka dots are also good, and prices range from  super cheap to super expensive, so its possible to buy into this look for not too much money. For me though, fabric quality is always an important consideration, and I was happy to pay a bit more for the Arket dress (£125) as the fabric is just right.

I am also loving the idea of long plain black dresses. My only rule is (and listen up online stylists) never ever wear long dresses with high shoes – as it looks dated and wrong. Flat mens brogues or trainers (or possibly a low kitten heel sock boot – see above) are the way to go. Because no-one – young or old – wants to look like they are trying too hard.

COS, Haider Ackermann, COS


  • Jan says:

    It may just be my eye but do these dresses look very derivative of other times? Nothing wrong with them. They certainly wouldn’t frighten the horses but neither do they look than interesting. Could you achieve this ‘look’ by resurrecting a summer dress (bet most people have some with darker prints) and adding a cardigan/jacket/jumper over the top; in a stylish way of course?I think this length looks best with boots, the trainers and dress looks a bit 1990s to me.

  • Jane says:

    Yes Jan – a very 90s vibe indeed – Nirvana would have been proud. I think a summer dress with a big jumper or cardigan would work just as well.

    J x

  • Rohini Wahi says:

    SOOOOO into the 90’s right now. Think “My So Called Life…”

  • Jane says:

    haha they so are x

  • Jack says:

    I love the way you describe the trend alert for long dresses! I’m definitely feeling the wanna-be-witch vibe and I’m always a fan of a good Stevie Nicks momenthydrogenexxecutor

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