We loved: The Selvedge Fair

01Emma Lamb

The Selvedge Spring fair was a joy as expected and very busy (very middle-class-middle-age, but in a nice way). One of the reasons it was so good was the thorough edit done on the stall holders, everybody showing at the fair was showing work of the highest standard. There was no tat in other words, and although we are big lovers of tat in the right context, it was also fantastically inspiring to see so much high quality craft on show, it made us want to reach for our sewing and knitting needles. 

Our favourites included the wonderful Emma Lamb and her colourful and superior quality crocheted pot holders and cushions. Check out her blog and Etsy site for the full range, it was selling so fast on Saturday that my favourite cushions went while I was taking photos. We also loved the way her swing tags had little crochet flowers on and the little brand tag was hand embroidered.

02Emma Lamb

For those who can't own a dog for real, Holy Smoke's hand sewn dog sculptures, made from vintage linen and full of character are the next best thing. Honestly, I nearly walked away with a whole menagerie of them, the Afghan hound was ADORABLE as were the little gothic black birds.



It was great to meet the Blodwen ladies from Cardigan Bay in Wales, who we've admired from afar but actually got to say hello to and hear about the soothing and repairing properties of the Mamgu Organic Wild Rose Oil range…I bought some face and body oil and can confirm it smells wonderfully rose-like, I'll report back on how the tired and flakey skin on my arms and legs likes it. After some of the expensive stuff we've been trying, this seemed like a bit of a bargain for £35. 


But my absolute favourite item to buy was the versatile and decorative This & That note book from Mud Rabbit. This is a notebook that you never have to run out of paper with, as the pages are divided into small mini-book sections that are all individually sewn in. When you finish a section or need more pages, you just remove old ones and stitch in new ones, instructions and needles come with each purchase. They are very well priced at £45 for the large one and £32 for the smaller ones, if these were in the Liberty stationery department (and they are a natural fit) , they would easily be double that. They were launched at the show but will be on the website shortly. 


06Mud Rabbit

We were revived by cups of tea from High Tea of Highgate, found another lovely shop to visit, Made in Hastings, when we next visit the seaside town and will check out Ray-Stitch and Our Patterned Hand when we need vintage buttons and threads. It was uplifting to see so many talented women doing such great things with craft, you get the feeling they just HAVE to do this, it's not about money, it's about being creative and loving what they do. You just can't keep a good sewer (and crocheter/knitter) down, we say.

If you went, which was your favourite stall?


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