The Shirt off His Back by Juliet Bawden

A gorgeous craft book that tells you how to make cute stuff out of old shirts. I have a soft spot for this idea as I have been collecting both my sons and middleagedad’s shirts for many years to make into quilts/crafty things EVENTUALLY. This book has given me a kick to do more (although eldest teen’s quilt went down well recently).

Juliet Bawden’s ideas include quilts, book covers, bunting, aprons and a sweet teddy night shirt which is easy for even non-sewers. I like the fact that she includes ‘creative’ and ‘outdoorsy’ mens shirts too and if you don’t have a stock of shirts, she mentions that charity shops are always selling them off reasonably cheaply, which I can confirm (we have nine charity shops near my house in West London and they have an abundance of shirts sold for about £2-£5 each). Juliet also writes a good creative blog

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