Frieze 2011 fashion part three: shoes, skirts and trousers

Back at Frieze…..

Last year it was all about knee high boots, this year we got more shoes and shoe boots. I just adored the wedges below, worn with Issey Miyake Pleats Please skirts and wrinkled fine cotton coloured socks.

Bare legs, below, were evident, notice they are pale rather than tanned…..hmm.

Now to skirts, where lace, chiffon and circular shapes were popular. Again, mostly worn right on the knee.

There was just a couple of interesting trousers, on the left was the most beautifully dressed boy in the show, that turning up of his jacket to expose the lining is deliberate, it was buttoned up like this…his jacket fitted perfectly and everything about this chap was perfectly turned out. The highlighter pink cardi looked really good with the grey/ navy side stripe trousers.

Next year look out for the first Frieze in New York in May and the addition of  Masters -a contemporary look at art that was made before the year 2000, including antiquities and old masters – to next October’s London Frieze. Check out the website for details. I wonder if New York art ladies will dress in an interesting way?…..’books plane ticket’.


  • sarah says:

    All this Frieze fashion stuff is fascinating. Good to see real ( although filtered through metropolitan, arty, fashion lense) people doing individual looks.

  • Amanda says:

    They are definitely a type Sarah, but as you say, it’s great to see what real women are doing with their clothes, Hope some retailers are reading! A

  • JJP says:

    These Frieze fashion posts were a real treat. Thank you!

  • saffronskye says:

    Loving the posts, loving the shoes in the first picture even more.

  • Like the very first pair (in mustard) – and the brogues, of course!

  • Jude says:

    Love both pairs of shoes at top, and having been inspired (but slightly nervous) by earlier ‘colour’ post now decided my personal splash of colour will be in socks. Very happy with that outcome! Thnks for very inspirational posts about real women’s outfits.

  • cathy says:

    Love the first pair – wonder where I could buy something similar?

  • Amanda says:

    I do suspect the mustard shoes are vintage Cathy, unless anyone knows differently? A

  • Jane says:

    I think they are last seasons Miu Miu or Prada, but cant find them online Jx

  • Sue says:

    I really love your Art Fair photos : all that Marni looks wonderful on women in their 40’s.Re the query on the top (in all senses) shoes – I don’t know what those ones are but I bought a similar pair from Robert Clergerie a couple of years ago and I’m going to have to dig them out and wear them now…

  • Jane says:

    the shoes are in fact from Fendi and are around £540, perhaps Robert Clergerie would be a better bet!!

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