See this: Ultrasuede – In Search of Halston

This week we enjoyed an evening out courtesy of Handpicked Media and One Aldwych. If only every trip to the cinema involved drinking cocktails, eating delicious canapes and sitting in giant comfy seats!

If you are a lover of 70’s fashion and interiors, the disco scene and anything fabulously camp, this film is a ‘must see’. Documenting the career of the legendary designer Halston this is a fabulous, fun filled, decadent trip back to the time that taste forgot. Apart from of course the beautiful Halston clothes which we would happily have worn then and would love to own now.

A film that includes DVF, Andre Leon Talley, Liza Minnelli, 70’s super models and a clip from The Love Boat, has got to be good, hasn’t it?

Put it on your Christmas list – or buy it for your gay best friend.

Ultrasuede – In Search of Halston


  • free the quay says:

    Oh dear I hope you’re not going the PR-led way of most blogs I find, like and then get annoyed with. Of course I’d rather you were upfront about the pr aspect, just liked it better when I thought you’d genuinely stumbled across something you genuinely loved! sigh.

  • amanda says:

    Oh Free the quay, we’re sorry you feel like that, in what way have we gone too PR-ish? The Halston film is something we’re deadly serious about, being a niche fashion film it’s not likely to get a wide circulation on screens so needs all the help it can get.
    You might not know that Jane and I are both fashion workers, we take out fashion history (which this film is) very seriously indeed, just look at our Books section on fashion! So even though we were treated to a nice evening out in this instance, we’d have gone to see the film or rented the DVD anyway, just like we’ve done with Valentino, Bill Cunnigham, The September Issue and lots of other fashion orientated movies that have come out, and we’ve mentioned, recently.

    PRs are increasingly finding TWR and offering us stuff to write about, 99% of which we turn down flat, but where we think our readers would enjoy the product, or indeed we think it’s a good thing, we’ll mention it. We would never have found out about the Vintage Red Cross store, for example, if the PR hadn’t got in touch, and don’t you think that’s a good thing? A

  • Jane says:

    Free the Quay, I LOVED this film and would never ever blog about something I didn’t love.
    Lots of bloggers are getting flack at the moment for not being authentic and I can assure you we are. Sometimes it’s difficult to say no as at the end of the day we write the blog out of love, and some money would be nice, but if it means compromising out integrity we prefer to be poor.

    Like Amanda says we get sent stuff all the time and could go out to PR events every night of the week, but we pick and choose what we think will our readers will like.

  • Freethequay says:

    Thankyou both for your replies! It’s tricky isn’t it? After all, I rely on your ins and contacts and specialist knowledge and taste and love of what you do to provide my daily hit of ‘isn’t that great I must forward to all my friends’. And there have been so many of those moments since I discovered you: Merchant & Mills and CB I hate perfume to name but two. I think what it is, is that I’ve been wandering round your ‘similar’ posts and find the older ones much more issue-based and personal and thought provoking and involving, rather than just product based. So maybe it’s just a matter of balance. But I do have to say I really do LOVE your site, have cancelled my subscription to Easy LIving and feel much more connected to my old pre kid life now I’ve found you. Aah. And with Halston it’s not so much the clothes I love as the HAIR!

  • mary says:

    And, to be fair, that is the fabbest cinema in London if you can wangle an invite.

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