On the subject of pencil skirts….

Next season it’s all about the pencil skirt, they are everywhere. here’s our favourite two so far from the spring 2012 press days. Above is the sweetest one from Boden in a lovely tangerine slubby linen with this raised ribbon like embroidery. Below is the Whistles one, with perfectly placed pockets and in a stripe that would brighten up and add texture to your wardrobe. Jane and I were talking about making our own pencil skirts, they take very little fabric are dead easy, apart from the zip and the waistband. Getting the length right is crucial to avoid that frumpy feeling…just below the knee, literally grazing the bottom of your knee cap is good I think, what about you? Anyone made their own yet?

Both skirts are part of the spring 2012 ranges and should be out from after February

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  • Rachel says:

    I’ve always loved a good pencil skirt. I’m so glad they’re coming back as a trend. My sewing skills are limited but I think I could be tempted to try a DIY project of my own with one. That tangerine colour is pure amazing but I’m in love with the stripes combination on the other.

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