We love: Suri’s Burn Book

This is a wickedly un-PC post, it involves innocent children being mercilessly made fun of by another child, which is pretty much bullying, until you realise that the children belong to celebrities who are often hiking their kids around for the photo op anyway.

Suri’s Burn Book is clearly written by an adult pretending to be Suri Cruise ( at least I jolly well hope it’s not actually written by her…) who is funny, wickedly sharp with his/her observations and highlights the perilous job of being a high profile infant in Hollywood. I am fed up to the back teeth of celebrities, particularly those that don’t do anything much, I’m beginning to wonder what we ever saw in them. This blog is my guilty pleasure, my Side Column of Shame. I have selflessly read every post to bring you the best of them here, here and herethis ones funny too.

I know I should know better, ‘hangs head in shame’.


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