Rachel Riley’s sundresses and vintage hanky collection

Rachel Riley in her Marylebone High Street Store, window dressing

Last week I went vintage shopping with designer Rachel Riley and she happened to mention she had a hankie collection similar to The Printed Square one we mentioned last week. Rachel produces nearly all her own prints now for her children’s and women’s clothes ranges and the hankies help to inspire her and her team, so we thought we’d take a look at some of her best ones here.

Rachel is best known for her cute children’s clothes and shoes and she has just opened a shop-in-shop in Harrods as well as being very successful in the US (where she sells all over the place, check her website for details). But this year I really love her adult sundresses in fine printed cotton, which have a strong touch of the Betty Draper about them (there’s even a cocktail print one if you’re seriously Mad Men influenced).

They are beautifully made and I am very drawn to the tourist-print map of the world one in soft grey, which Rachel has designed inspired by the tourist scarves in her vintage collection. But there are lots of covetable florals and polka dots to chose from, including Rachel’s favourite, the vintage rose one she’s dressing the mannequin with, the lemon yellow in the print makes it look really cheerful. If this weather keeps up in the UK we’ll have to seriously think about digging our summer frock collection out from the back of the wardrobe and maybe adding one of Rachel’s, she also does rather nice matching cardis I notice too….

Some of Rachel’s floral hankies that inspire her prints.

The sundresses come in a variety of geometrics, polka dots and floral prints as well as the tourist print one I love above, check here.

I also love the violet print pyjamas, inspired by the violet print hanky, above.

Rachel Riley UK website and and USA website



  • Sue says:

    What an excellent post! I love,love, love Rachel Riley’s clothes.They are always the same couple of basic shapes but the fabulous prints ,and there’s always loads to choose from, change every season; and they are beautifully made and nicely lined so they hang properly.She does very nice understated tweed pencil skirts in Winter aswell.Over the years I’ve tried dressing all my children in her stuff too but the only one who’s ever really agreed to wear it is my youngest who likes to think he’s living in an Ealing comedy.Xsue

  • Amanda says:

    Sue, I’m sure Rachel will be thrilled to read this comment! I am kicking myself I didn’t buy one of her pencil skirts from last autumn as they are always such a good shape. Rachel always slightly reminds me of an Enid Blyton heroine so the idea that your youngest is an Ealing Comedy fan fits right in! A

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