Things to do with excess marmalade: marmalade martinis

You remember I said I had to get reading glasses? And what fun it was going to be to buy new eyewear? Well turns out it was fun, while it lasted. I bought beautiful new Tom Davies glasses, which I picked up on Saturday and LOST at Heathrow picking up middleagedad on his return from his trip to Frieze New York on Sunday. I haven’t stopped sobbing since.

While I was waiting for nice ones, I quickly bought a pair of hideous pink and purple floral ones (£5 above) to keep me going, these I still have, it is always the way, isn’t it.

How did I lose them? I went to put them in my fabulous little hanging bag…and must have missed. Whatever.

To cheer me up middleagedad made me a cocktail he’d discovered in his travels which uses marmalade. Due to my enthusiasm for making marmalade, we have quite a lot in the store cupboard so this is the ideal recipe for me. It is delicious and I can confirm it did a great job in cheering me up.

Marmalade Martini

A measure of Hendricks gin.

2-3 drops of orange bitters

2 measures of freshly squeezed orange juice (we had blood oranges so used those)

1 teaspoon of marmalade, no peel (sieved and softened up with some of the orange juice to make it easy to mix)

Shake contents over ice in a cocktail shaker and pour.

Sip and sob…sobbing will eventually cease. This recipe is from Red Rooster in Harlem where it is called a Gin & Juice, but I have renamed it. The restaurant is fantastic according to M.A.D and should be on your list of places to eat should you be lucky enough to visit New York soon.


  • Jude says:

    Amanda, how awful about yr lovely new glasses. I know its not a matter of life and death, but still, its damned annoying. Could you grow to love those purple/pink ones…..I do quite like the shape!

  • Pippa NOM de PLUME says:

    Maybe you could tweet Heathrow and ask them if they’ve been found? They usually are very good at replying at least better at replying than if you phone them!!!!
    Good Luck x

  • Amanda says:

    The purple/pink ones have crap lenses, so fine for reading the menu/tweeting but no good for proper work. V annoyed with myself. A

  • Amanda says:

    Thanks Pippa, amazingly Heathrow have a good lost and found website so I am tracking it on that….fingers crossed….Ax

  • Sue says:

    That’s terrible luck.Is it possible to claim on your insurance atall? Would still recommend going for the perfect pair despite what’s happened…Sue

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