Secondhand Rose: Suzanne Lipschutz

I’m not sure what I love most about this film from the inspirational daily blog from LVMH, Nowness – the beautiful antique wallpaper, the fascinating stories about New York celebrities, or the wonderfully gravelly voice of Suzanne Lipschutz (what a name)! She sounds like a cross between Joey from friends agent, Estelle and the make up artist played by Harvey Weinstein in Mrs Doubtfire – remember that fabulous scene where he turns Robin Williams into Euphegenia Doubtfire?

See an interview with Suzanne here.


  • Lilac says:

    Suzanne and her wallpapers are fabulous! Reminds me of my grandparents hardware shop where I remember unfurling a roll of Beatles wallpaper.

  • Bev Stellas says:

    Your blog makes my day, and I always want to share with my friends, so many fabulous things. This film and article are absolutely great.

  • Jay tanner says:

    Taking a wild shot here. . I would like to just get a echo . I was Part of a life style which brushed me up against Suzanne at second hand Hand Rose , on Hudson Street . Our mutual friend Was Mike Digiovanni. and , for me , an Amazing personal story about Woodstock. . . Involving Suzanne , and Food for Love inc. and one of the most amazing Moments of our life, in the back end of a truck trailer. I wont describe this any further, but I would love to know: Was this the same Suzanne? or Am I totally out of My Mind? LOL RSVP Pleeeeze!

    I am currently a musician and Photographer embedded at Jalopy Theatre. in Red hook Brooklyn

  • Jay tanner says:

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