A Dog Walker’s Guide to Surrey, by Benson (a dog)

We are fortunate today to have as our guest blogger Benson, a handsome golden retriever who has just written a useful guide to dog walking around Surrey. He was helped by his human owner, Jane Eyles.

” It’s a tough life, or should I say a ‘dogs’ life? Here I was, a middle-aged Golden Retriever who enjoys nothing more than a quiet plod round my local fields every morning, meeting my friends and keeping an eye on the ‘knitting circle’ (female owners who gossip about the most mundane things) before settling down for a peaceful day on the sofa, when suddenly the world was turned upside down.

Our daily routine changed:  the car journeys were longer, we arrived in strange places, with strange smells and we walked; I mean proper walks – simply miles and miles, up and down hills, through woods, across commons and along rivers and streams all across somewhere called Surrey.

At first it was all a bit scary, what if she (owner Jane) left me at one of these places? But then I started to enjoy the new routine, it was fun going out somewhere new, we even visited a ‘pub’ and it did wonders for my waistline (not the pub of course ‘cause they had chips there) as apparently I had become a bit of a lump – whatever that was.

Now I find out that I’m going to be famous. My owner has written a book about all these new walks and we are going to appear in it – that’s me and my elderly lady companion Meg, an RSPCA rescue – don’t ask me what type of breed that is, but it is always spoken in rather hushed tones so she must be special. Yes, Surrey: A Dog Walkers Guide is at the printers  and will be in the shops in May– with loads of great walks, all personally tested by us and masses of pictures of me! Watch this space.”

You can buy Bensons book here.

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