Some Royal inspiration

Regent Street

I’m not normally one for anything Royal or overly patriotic. If I’m honest. Anarchy in the UK is the nearest I’ve ever got to singing God Save the Queen, but never one to pass up the opportunity to dress up, bake a cake, decorate the house, or have a party, I find myself preparing for our Jubilee street party with some excitement.

Over the last few weeks I have been unnaturally drawn to anything red, white and blue and collecting retro images of the Queen on Pinterest – what’s that about? Am I going to start voting Conservative and move to Tunbridge Wells, and is it only a matter of time till I start insisting we all watch the Queens speech on Christmas Day? – I doubt it somehow, but I’m quite enjoying the sense of pride we suddenly seem to have in our heritage and find the flags and signs of patriotism all over London quite uplifting.


Our street party is turning into quite the event, with a sound system, live bands and acts, house decorating and cake baking competitions and a dog show, so I have been trawling the internet for tasteful yet cheap decorating options.

We will be sporting lots of bunting and I am trying to persuade MAD to sculpt our front hedge into something regal (he’s having none of it)! So rather than a privet shaped corgi, I’ve found these inflatable ones which I think will add rather a Royal tone to our exterior decoration! You can order them from here – but don’t tell anyone in my street!

The supermarkets have lots of the cheap plastic bunting which is perfectly acceptable, but if you fancy something a little bit nicer, it’s worth checking out for this vintage style and Etsy has lots of lovely hand made Union Jack, gingham and stripe variations.

Vintage style from NOTHS and hand made bunting from Etsy

We will of course be dressing up the dog for the day and I am loving these neckerchiefs from Edwyn UK, also on Etsy.

 Look out for some Jubilee cake inspiration later in the week.


  • Jude says:

    Archie in a Union Flag scarf – how fabulous!

  • Dorothy says:

    The photo of the Queen and Prince with LandRover looks like a Ralph Lauren photo shoot to my American eyes!
    Sort of like recognizing Wagner operas because they were featured in Looney Tunes cartoons.
    (Sez more about me than I like to admit)

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