Objects For Use

Objects for Use is a charming shop hidden away in an alleyway at the bottom of Kingsland Road in the heart of Shoreditch. Having spent half her life in Japan and half in Britain, owner  Momoko Mizutani has had to improvise when it comes to cooking and kitchen utensils and it’s her ability to adapt objects which were made for a specific purpose in one culture and use them in a different way, that inspired her to open her shop in November last year.

Momoko is as stylish as the objects she sells

Situated at the front of furniture designer Rupert Blanchard’s studio, the tiny shop sells  beautifully crafted, traditional objects, such as a Danish doughnut pan which perfect for making Takoyaki (a Japanese savoury dish) or a sauerkraut pot pressed into use for making Kimchi pickles. Inspired by her grandmother, Momoko has also sourced sustainable charcoal as a simple and effective way of filtering tap water.

A lovely blend of culture and appreciation of beauty in the unexpected makes Objects for Use worth a visit next time you are in the East End. Momoko also plans to launch a website in the next few months.

Objects For Use
15a Kingsland Road
London E2 8AA


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