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We are indebted to TWR reader Ros Hough for her heads up on this lovely shop in Oxford, Objects of Use (not to be confused with this one we wrote about earlier) . It’s a beautiful shop selling posh basics, like an upmarket Lakeland and highly aspirational for those with brush and scissors fetishes….The good news is there’s a website which is also rather nice to look at and if you like domestic equipment, this one’s definitely for you- it’s a little like Labour and Wait but (quiet voice here because we love L&W) possibly a touch more comprehensive in its product offer.

The philosophy behind the brand, according to the website, is to find the right, well made tool for whatever job it is you have to do, because life is better if you are using well designed equipment. It’s also against ‘throwawayism’ and consequently it seeks out the best made tools it can find around the globe, include a few Japanese items, which always gets me excited since I know the quality levels of Japan goods are always high.

There are sewing knives from France I never knew existed (but obviously now I do, I have to have one) and reinforced thread in beautiful, tangle-proof tins that will be a joy to sew with. I’ve put in an order for a cobweb brush and I’m toying with the idea of the soft reindeer coin purse for eldest son’s upcoming birthday. The Japanese household scissors look amazing but are pricey, so I’ve stuck to ordering the basic kitchen ones and for stationery geeks there’s also the legendary Parisian Aclé paper clips to get excited about.

Above is the rather special embroidery knife £62, by the specialist French maker Sajou, and the reinforced fil au chinoise £6.50 linen thread, so much more stylish than Silko…

More french stationery chic here with the Aclé paper clips, from £5.50 above, then the Skandinavian made reindeer purse £15 below, with the covetable Japanese household scissors, £45 forged from a san mai blade construction (no, me neither but it sounds good doesn’t it?) If you live near Oxford the store is in Market Street just by the Covered Market, don’t blame us if you spend too much money.

Objects of Use


  • Monix says:

    Oh, what an amazing space – makes me so happy to see such beautiful products displayed like this.
    There is a wonderful shop in Munich called manufactum which has similar products but it all looks such a mess.
    “Objects of use” makes even a nail brush look desirable – thanks for sharing Amanda.

  • Louise says:

    This had me confused as there is a shop with a very similar name – Objects for Use – and similar remit on the Kingsland Road
    Though personally I can’t get enough of this kind of shop! I have the Welsh Tapestry blanket, bought from the mill in North Wales we visited in June – the quality is amazing and the grey/charcoal/cream colourway is perfect.
    Manufactum have great products too, never seen the shop but have a collection of their catalogues.
    Will be sure to visit if in Oxford…..

  • freethequay says: is my secret vice, I cannot go on the site anymore, although I do need some more aluminium clothes pegs…

  • Cara says:

    I love this shop in Oxford. It’s such a serene environment too, muted colours, products displayed beautifully and a calm welcome.

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