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The cashemere range

It’s very rare these days that I start hyperventilating when I enter a shop, especially a clothes shop. This feeling of excitement is usually reserved for pet shops or the Lakeland catalogue – yes indeed, that’s how truly old and sad I am – but hey ho, I’m happy!

With the exception of COS, clothes shops just don’t do it for me any more, that was until I went to J Crew in New York. We have posted about how much we like J Crew a few times and it didn’t disappoint in real life.

The cashmere collection is to die for – basic shapes in an amazing range of colours, which can be teamed with lovely prints, a great range of polka dot pieces (always a favourite of mine), well cut narrow trousers, pencil skirts and tailored jackets.

Ageless and aspirational all the pieces either work on their own, or can easily mix and match. I love the simplicity of the styling, that nothing is too casual or too formal and it’s mostly detail free (are you listening M &S?)

It is not cheap, but the quality is excellent, so therefore good value. Available online in the UK and they are opening a London shop soon.

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  • Johanna says:

    It’s certainly an attractive collection. Still, I’d be even happier if they’d show their clothes on a few curvy models as well, so that I could see if there’s anywhere to put my belly, hips & thighs…. ;-)

  • Sue says:

    I love the way J Crew style their clothing.It’s all quite classic & non-scary but it looks sooo appealing the way it’s photographed.I’ve bought some of their stuff (at much reduced prices) from the Outnet and found it is all well-made and wearable. BUT It does need to be on sale as otherwise it is just too expensive buying it here in this country compared to the US.Xsue

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