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Jenna Lyons1J Crew can do no wrong in our eyes and we are beyond excited that they are to finally open in Regent Street, some time this Spring.

Jenna Lyons is J Crew’s 44 year old creative director and in many ways she is the brand. Six foot tall and reed thin, her personal style is the perfect combination of quirky, casual, effortless fashion that manages to be aspirational, yet attainable.

Lyons has turned J Crew into a billion dollar business and Americas coolest high street brand and attributes this to “not letting success go to her head.”

Jenna LyonsIn 2011 Jenna divorced the father of her son and rumours were rife about her relationship with Courtney Crangi. Lyons recently acknowledged the relationship for the first time during her acceptance speech at the Glamour Awards, thanking  “Courtney, who has shown me new love.”

Isn’t she just completely fabulous?

Jenna Lyons2

Jenna Lyons4

Jenna Lyons and her partner Courtney Crangi


  • Jane says:

    Fur jacket though, kicks her off the list of best dressed for me.

  • sarah says:

    I love her fab specs, but I do agree about the fur .Surely we have been through all this, why is fur creeping (!) back in to fashion, without any comment?

  • Monix says:

    Great styling – do wonder if it isn’t all rather artful…
    Fur? If one eats meat or wears leather shoes then why not wear fur?

  • Becky says:

    She looks gorgeous, but she’s so tall and thin – it would be almost impossible for her NOT to look fabulous. I can only dream of looking anything like that, for me it is just not achievable – oh well, back to the flip flops !!!!

  • Jane says:

    Fur is indeed creeping back in Sarah, lets just hope its fake! J x

  • notsurebut says:

    Love Jenna total crush on her, brilliant business woman and stylist would love her wardrobe to play in and I don’t think only 6 ft tall skinnies look good in clothes its having an eye and she certainly does.

  • She’s very cool, and good at mixing things up – though I’m not keen on the fur either.

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