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This week we were at the two London fashion trade shows Pure London and Scoop International. While it’s a great place for us to catch up with what brands have for AW/13, it’s also good to spot what buyers, sellers and designers in the industry are really wearing.

The designer duo from Quinton Chadwick (above and designers of this) are modelling their mono-graphic print scarves from the AW13 range which looks fabulous mixed with those cobalt blue print trousers.

The stripe/tribal-knit-Farisle combo looks a great mid-weight coat and I love the way you can wear either black or brown with it, so the gorgeous studded brown leather bag looks the perfect accessory.

stripey coat

Below is jewellery designer Stefania Indelicato, who is wearing her own jewellery, as well as a highly covetable Missoni coat. The coat on it’s own is fabulous but by lifting it with a citrus T shirt and the tie-dye scarf makes it inspired dressing, I suspect her confidence with colour comes from being a jewellery designer. Note to self, must by some citrus lemon….

missoni coat

Below is a TWR perennial style favourite, Denise in her (ancient she claims) neck buttoning sweater and leopard print chelsea boots. What I love about this is that although Denise is as thin as a pencil, this look could be worn by anyone, it’s the shot of leopard print and the interesting jumper detail that makes all the difference.


This outfit below was my absolute favourite of the day, the balance of buyer-black (everyone in the industry wears black, Suzy Menkes calls them crows) with a shot of antique white wool embroidery at the cuffs and a pearly lanyard with sparkly silver shapes . The brown calf skin bag is a brilliant off-balance addition too, I hate top to toe black, it’s as dull as a rerun of The X Factor and layering another colour and texture onto the black coat and dress adds visual depth. embroidered coat

For sheer glamour my prize for best dressed of the day goes to the buyer below, in her Tata Naka coat in classic camel, with a baby pink scarf.and Pirate boots (I didn’t ask but I bet they are Vivienne Westwood). It helps that she has gorgeous hair.
tatanaka coat

Every time I ask to photograph women over 35 I almost always get the same response, ‘What me? but I look a mess, I’m old and no one will want to see how I look!’. Or words to that effect, but ladies you are always wrong on every count, Why do we write ourselves off and shy away from photos?

It’s the response I got from the women below, who looked really elegant in her Bavarian made Meindl jacket and silk tie front shirt, The unstructured jacket was super-soft deer skin combined with heritage tweed and it worked perfectly over her thick silk shirt. I love the way the silk tie on the shirt wraps around, this is such a smart neckline for women who feel bad about their necks. Also, fab earrings and don’t miss that covetable chunky plaited leather cuff. reindeer jacket

We hope these style-savvy women have given you a bit of inspiration, so now, what are you wearing today?


  • Marv says:

    Hello Jane, hello Jess! Lovely to see these two looking back at me from the screen today! X

  • Becky says:

    All the fabulous knitwear is making me very jealous indeed. We are just about out of cardy wearing weather here now and so it’s summer clothes a go-go from now on – boring !!!!! I’d love to be wearing that stripey coat, it’s gorgeous :(

  • Rosemary says:

    Love every single one of these – it’s great to see streetstyle photos of stylish mature women. First day that feels like spring here, so just ready for a little inspiration!
    ‘Indelicato’ – what a wonderful surname!

  • Amanda says:

    Glad we’re inspiring you all! Ax

  • kate says:

    I REALLy want the striped fair isle coat! is it available?

  • amanda says:

    Kate I’m not sure, buyers do tend to wear of-the-moment clothing or stuff they claim is ancient (ie last season!), try googling and checking under images for something similar? A

  • Jane says:

    Hi Kate and Amanda, the coat’s from a lovely Spanish range called Indi and Cold, a/w 2012. We have sold out of this style at Sapphire boutique at Snape Maltings but at Pure I ordered a very similar style for next winter.UK distributors Mda might be able to help you.Good luck! Jane x

  • Amanda says:

    Hi Jane and thanks so much for your help on this! Trust the stylish Sapphire boutique at Snape Maltings to have it, I’ve never heard of the brand but will look it up and how fabulous to have such well informed readers…Ax

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