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hairAfter yesterday’s post on embracing the beauty in ageing, it seems an appropriate moment to mention the fabulous Nichollette Yardley Moore. I have the BIGGEST case of hair envy over the curly white-grey locks of Nichollette, Liberty department store’s accessory saleswoman and founder of Vintage Cushions.

Drifting through Liberty last week on the way to smell the new Dries Van Noten perfume, I was absolutely bowled over by Nichollette’s lovely hair and fabulous style. She had clipped her naturally curly locks up into an exotic top-knot with a fringe of constrained ringlets. I would trade a good deal of my wardrobe for hair like Nichollette’s. It was actually her last week as a jewellery assistant as she is leaving to work full time on her cushion empire, she won the Best of British Open Call day at Liberty so will be turning from sales staff to supplier.

Jane and I have been chatting about letting our hair go grey rather than having it constantly coloured and I’d do it tomorrow if I could go straight to grey, but we have this messy salt-and-pepper stage first. What did Nichollette do? ‘I grew it out and it took a long line time, but I persevered!” and now it looks amazing, also doesn’t her red lipstick look beautiful too? Her topknot is pinned up with many black hair clamps, with a black and silver clip across te front as decoration.

hair 02

Below is Nichollette from her Vintage Cushions website, she makes beautiful cushions so check them out and you can read more on her here. Have you got grey-hair envy yet?

nichollette from her vintage cushions site


  • Sue says:

    I have.And I completely agree with you about doing it yesterday if it could go magically to total grey.My hair colourist can talk at length about why it is difficult,time-consuming and expensive to dye it to this and is obviously not keen on the idea but every time I’m sat in that wretched chair I do wish it were grey.Nichollette’s hair is so striking and the red lips look fabulous.

  • Jane says:

    So lovely to know more about this striking woman…I’ve spotted her in Liberty many times , she always looks so beautiful and her own person.Cushions are lovely too!

  • Anna says:

    How nice to know who this lady is, I currently look at her every day as she is the model in the Loop knitting book. She is modelling
    one of the very complicated (but lovely) cardigans that I have been knitting for weeks.

  • Amanda says:

    Well it seems the lovely Nichollette is an under-the-radar star! We wish her the best of luck with her cushion empire too Ax

  • Debs says:

    I am going grey gradually. So far I have resisted the temptation to colour my hair. I can’t face the idea of constant touch ups. And I know once I start I won’t be able to turn back. Nichollette is a wonderful role model. If she can do it, so can we! Hopefully with as much style as Nichollette!

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