Angela Flanders Moth Herbs Workshop…hope for woolly sweaters everywhere

angela flandersThe weather may be warming slightly and there might be a spring in your step as the sun peeks out to cheer us all up, but be on your guard people, BE ON YOUR GUARD…Warm weather means only one thing in this house, MOTHS.

As you think about putting your woolly jumpers away and moving your cashmere to the back of your wardrobe to create space for more spring like outfits, remember that this is the moth’s favourite time of the year. It love nothing more that a sweaty sweater stuffed into the dark recesses of a drawer, left undisturbed for six months, it feeds on dead skin left on your clothes and will munch away until all that is left is a mass of holes.

Luckily, professional help is at hand. London fragrance guru Angela Flanders is holding a Perfuming The Home workshop at her new Artillery Passage store in Spitalfields, where she will be focusing on the history of the use of herbs in the home, and giving you practical tips on how to bring this old tradition up to date. Recipes for fragrant sachets and an insight into the blending of her French Moth Herbs which have developed a loyal following since their launch in 1991, will be included.You will leave the workshop event with two fragrant sachets of your own to take home, along with a practical tip sheet.

The workshop is on Saturday 27th April 3-5-30pm. Afternoon tea will also be served and is included in the ticket price.£20 per person, to include the above and £10 off purchases of over £30 made at the event. More details here

The exciting news is we have TWO FREE TICKETS to give away for this event, all you have to do is leave a note below on why moths are causing havoc in your life and  why you deserve to be picked…..easy. You have until Friday to think of a witty or heartfelt comment to win us over. We will let you know who has won (one person will get both tickets so they can bring a friend) via this post on Friday afternoon.

To keep you going until the workshop, you could always stock up on Angela’s French Moth Herbs here, I use her wardrobe spray constantly, or take heed of her tips for moth control, which include….

Never store away unwashed knitwear, always wash or dryclean before storing for the summer.

Ensure that the drawer or cupboard is also clean & dust free, this is just the place they like to hide.

Spray drawers or cupboards with French Herb Wardrobe Spray regularly through the season.

Pack away clothes in breathable containers and make sure that you brush vigorously your unworn coats and cardigans regularly, particulary turning out any fluff that may gather in the pockets.

You may want to re read our moth reports, here, here and here, obsessed? Us? Now, what’s your moth story? Good enough to win a couple of free tickets?

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  • Marv says:

    As no-one’s commented… I thought about it but to be honest only trust those sticky pheromone traps. And any beautifully dried and sweet-smelling herbs in this house would probably be sniffed out by the rabbit and eaten themselves, sadly. x x x

  • Amanda says:

    Ha well yes my wardrobe is littered with the traps Marv as they do indeed work. But every little helps, i feel, and Anglea Flanders has a wonderful collection of smells….Ax

  • TullyTalking says:

    Myself and partner are on moth alert – we have moved house and I think we have brought them along with us. Came home last night to find him on hands and knees looking and finding those horrible white cocoons. It’s becoming our new obsession. One gorgeous Jigsaw wrap has a few familiar holes in. Definitely need some new (death) tips.

    Would absolutely love to go along to this but have a wedding on the same day…unless there is an alternative day!

  • Sue says:

    I find the whole thing too traumatic by half.Which is why I had not commented before. I have previously, on your recommendation, bought John Smedley liquid wool soap with cedar.Also, half of Lakeland’s offerings.Currently, they have not only lavender sachets but also small foil wraped capsules that you peel to expose and leave around your cupboards and drawers/coat pockets and they claim they KILL THE LARVAE aswell as repelling the moths…hmm, fingers crossed on that one.I store the very big Eskander jumpers in Brora’s zippy bags but mainly I just try to keep checking and keep everything washed and clean.And I try to empty and hoover the drawers.A bout in the freezer for anything that looks suspicious never goes amiss.I had a very bad experience at our old house when one day the cashmere cupboard was found to be full of cashmere cobwebs.Sadly would not be able to get to London on 27th but will visit the website, obviously.

  • Su Mason says:

    I would love to do this workshop with Angela Flanders because a) her shop is just down the road and b) I Am A Vintage Dealer and My Mission In Life is to ERADICATE MOTH !

  • amanda says:

    OK, well I put everyone’s name in a bag and pulled out SU MASON! Su well done you have won two tickets…do you want them both? Ax

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