The Kinfolk Table, Hole & Corner and the aged issue

Kinfolk Hole & CornerAfter my post (rant) earlier in the week about re-branding feminism and women’s magazines, I thought it might be time to highlight some magazines that are doing things differently.

Kinfolk Magazine calls itself  “a blueprint for a balanced, intentional lifestyle” and is my favourite of a new breed of publications that celebrate life in a positive, creative way.

Focusing on cooking, craft, the outdoors and features on real people doing interesting things, Kinfolk makes me want to chop wood, grow my own vegetables and wear an apron while sweeping my Shaker inspired house. It’s inspiring and beautiful to look at and although it’s expensive (£10) it doesn’t date and is the kind of thing you keep for a while.

The winter edition, The Aged Issue, is my absolute favourite so far. Dedicated to all things that get better with time: loved ones, food, family traditions and a good bottle of wine. It explores how older people can teach us how to live and investigates how our lives are enriched by the people, meals and traditions of things past. “Everything in this issue gets better, or tastier, with age”.

Highlights include a beautiful photographic study of centenarians, a feature about turning into your mother, slow food recipes and some of the loveliest images I’ve ever seen of women with grey hair, titled The Grace of Grey.

Kinfolk can be difficult to get hold of, if you don’t live near an arty bookshop, but you can get it on Amazon, or better still ask for a subscription for Christmas – which is what I would like if anyone close to me is reading!

Its also worth checking out Hole & Corner, which is on issue no 2 and calls itself a magazine  “about people who spend more time doing than talking, for whom content is more important than style; people whose work is their life – stories of dedication”. Located in Dorset, it celebrates craft and artisanal skill, modern-day craftsmen and creatives with a passion for what they do.

You can buy it here.

The Kinfolk Table 1And I know we don’t need any more cook books in our lives (how many times have we said that?) but the recently released Kinfolk Table is a must have. A collection of 85 delicious recipes spread over nearly 400 pages from creative types around the world, it’s filled with gorgeous photography and design, as well as inspiring stories about the people behind them.

Split into regions, it offers some really unique recipes from places like Copenhagen, Portland, Brooklyn and even the English countryside.

They haven’t included Hackney in there, which is surprising, as some of the most exciting cooking in the UK is coming out of our Borough at the moment. Mmmm, a Hackney cookbook now there’s an idea……

Kinfolk table

The Kinfolk Table

Kinfolk Table5



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