Paintings by Eggert Petursson

eggurt petursson

I saw this gorgeous art book, Paintings, by Icelandic artist Eggert Petursson in Anthropologie before Christmas and fell in love with its textural, super-detailed and colourful depiction of Icelandic floral and fauna. This is Eggert’s latest book, released September 2013, he only paints the flowers and landscapes of his native Iceland, which appear abstract when you first glimpse, but are made up of tiny, beautifully accurate swathes of plants and flowers. Gorgeous for inspiration and generally making you feel better.

eggurt pettersson

Sadly it’s not in stock at Amazon and seems to have sold out most places -obvs it’s a bit of a hot read -but you could keep and eye open for it or if you are reading in the US it’s available from Anthropologie stores,

eggurt pettursson 02



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