French Dressing with Ines de la Fressange and Uniqlo

ines de la fressangeInteresting Uniqlo collaboration klaxon!

Ines De La Fressange, the lanky French model who pretty much personifies the word ‘chic’ has collaborated with our favourite casual brand Uniqlo to produce a range of grown up clothes. Normally I’d be very excited about this, some of my very favourite wardrobe staples (still going strong due to brilliant quality fabrics) are from the Jil Sander and Uniqlo collaboration from 2009, I was bereft when partnership finished in 2011.

However, I’m a bit unsure about the look of some of Ines’s collection, I love the tomboy styling and timeless classic vibe to the shirts and jackets, but the flowery printed cotton dresses? Hmm, not so sure about those. And the drape-y jersey collection? I’m holding fire on that too, until I see it. Although Ines is a proper grown up, she is not like you and me in shape and I wonder just how some of this collection is going to look on us mortals. There’s something a wee bit frumpy about those stretchy waist trousers…

There are a couple of styles that look very wearable -my favourites are below- including the cute blue cotton workwear jacket  and the chambray long sleeved shirt below.Prices are good but I think the whole collection will live or die on the quality of the fabrics, the last couple of Uniqlo/designer collaborations have been a bit disappointing in this regard, clearly they didn’t have Jil’s stickler eye for detail.

If the fabrics are good, then I’ll probably be racing you to the tills to stock up on white shirts (there are many of these) the navy blue cotton shirt dress and the mandarin collar, cornflower blue dress too. But this is going to be a collection I go into store to view before I buy. The range launches today on line and in store on Thursday 20th March. What do you think, will you be buying?

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  • Sue says:

    Well, I mostly agree with what you’re saying.There is a very good reason Ines is an iconic model and I (and other stumpy people) am not. Some of those designs have the potential to be extremely unflattering on anyone other than a 6ft model. And, no to elasticized waists and slightly off fabrics…In general though, I do rather like Uniqlo’s basics.

  • Kate says:

    couldn’t agree more. they look a bit la redoute to me. even, dare I say it m&s. and I’m six foot too….

  • Kate says:

    couldn’t agree more. they look a bit la redoute to me. even, dare I say it m&s. and I’m six foot too….though not a model, obviously.

  • amanda says:

    I am going to pop into see the range on Monday, so will let you know what it’s like in real life. A

  • Nicola says:

    Well I’ve just bought some of it! I’ve had some success with Uniqlo in the past (and a few failures) and it’s so easy to return things (and free) so I’m giving Ines a go. I’ve ordered the coverall jacket in Navy, the linen blended jacket in pale blue, a printed shirt and the navy chinos. I suspect the chinos will go back as they look a bit skinny (and only go up to size 12!), the jackets will depend on the quality and fit (never had a Uniqlo jacket before), I’ve had success with Uniqlo shirts so I’m hopeful that the shirt will be ok. I think the key thing will be to mix them with other things in my wardrobe and not go head to toe Ines. I’ll let you know.

  • Amanda says:

    Nicola, the moment you receive them we want to know what you think! Please keep us informed! Ax

  • Yup, my immediate thought was ‘More clothes for long, lean women’. I can’t see any seams or darts in those shirts and dresses so they would hang off my boobs and make me shapeless and enormous. Shame because I like the look, so I’ll go elsewhere for similar styles that flatter my curvy, stumpy frame!

  • Bearleigh says:

    I went a bit mad, and ordered the coat, the workwear jacket, the silk shirt all in blue, the green t shirt and the flowery dress as I like cotton dresses in summer. They seem to have sold out pretty quickly of most things but we shall see more coming back when the returns start coming in. I love many of my Jil Sander pieces so I am hoping Inès quality is as good.

  • amanda says:

    Bearleigh, let us know what they look like when they arrive, and love your choices! A

  • Bearleigh says:

    I can report back already as I plumped for next day delivery – only £2.00 more and I had thought I might be able to return and replace wrong sizes more easily if I was quick off the mark. In fact I am only returning one thing, the flowery dress as it has an unaccountably high waistline (or maybe I have a very low one). The fabric also isn’t fine enough so rather than hanging, it billows, making the general effect frumpy maternity wear.

    However everything else was lovely. It all fitted me really well*, and has lovely little details, like there being a small storm flap on the coat. The fabrics are very good and the quality of manufacture is excellent. I had forgotten I had also ordered the cotton/linen chinos (oops). They have double stitching on both outside and inside legs for example. The workwear jacket is especially lovely. It’s the sort of thing you see on chic Frenchwomen and never usually see available to buy.

    *I am 5’4″, size 8-10, and ordered S. The chinos are about 4″ too long, and the jacket sleeves are perhaps a little too long, but are designed so you can unbutton the cuffs and turn them back..

  • Amanda says:

    ooh Bearleigh, now you’ve got me thinking I’m going to have to buy…thanks for the brilliant feedback. A

  • Hannah says:

    I got my order today! I’m nearly 5’8″ and size 8-10. Pleasantly surprised by the rayon dress – lovely soft French blue, fabric fit well without clinging (though I wouldn’t wear it without some serius Spandex support) and didn’t feel like it would gape. Loved the wide legged chinos – heavy fabric, fitted well and easily smart enough for work with heels (they are long) – they go perfectly with the blue silk shirt, which is lovely, matte silk and quite slim cut, wish I’d bought another in a different colour.

    I agree with Bearleigh re. the lawn dress – it is is long and high-waisted and does billow but if you remove the (rather cheap-looking) belt, I like the easy feel of it (v like a Gudren Sjoden tunic/dress) so I’m keeping it – I got it in black though, which may have helped. It’s more of a sun dress than a work dress though. However, the fabric is rather thin as is the white shirt, which is very transparent (and would have put me off it if I’d seen it in the shop). Good job I wasn’t in the shop as I’m sure I would have bought more – really liked the look of the coverall jacket but it was sold out, luckily for my wallet!

  • Amanda says:

    Thanks for all your brilliantly detailed reports women! I am heading into town to view it in store today…will report back if I buy Ax

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