Weekend Woman (ish): Grayson Perry’s Claire


Grayson Perry’s Claire, gorgeous image is from Pal Hanson.com

OK, I appreciate I’m on controversial ground here…Grayson is of course a man. But I’m squeezing him in as his transvestite alter ego Claire, because I want to mention the terrific Who are You? series he’s done for Channel 4. Do watch it.

We’ve met Grayson a couple of times here at TWR and we are big fans of his straight talking views on society and his erudite and articulate way of expressing them. He has a great ‘No Bullshit’ filter that is extremely refreshing.

As Claire, he offers himself up as a canvas for fashion design students -most of Claire’s outfits are now made by design students at Central Saint Martin’s, who battle it out for a ‘Golden Claire’, more here.

On ageing, he gave us one of our best ever quotes, “As my wife once said, no one ever looked more intelligent after cosmetic surgery’. There’s more like that from when we met him here. I’m loving watching him age as a transvestite and his pithy insights into the whole subject of getting older are weirdly insightful since he sees it from both sides. That’s got to qualify him as a good WW subject, don’t you think?

Am I pushing my luck including him? I’m aware I’ve treaded a fine line on some of my choices.

Whatever, do watch the excellent Who Are You? And then you can head to Amazon Prime and watch Jane’s recommendation from Monday’s Post , the wonderful Transparent.

See? It’s almost like we plan stuff here at TWR

Grayson’s image here is from Pal Hanson



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