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It’s that time again, when Amanda and I find ourselves slightly overwhelmed with the demands of our day jobs, blogging and trying to have a life. So we are seeking contributors, either long or short term, to guest post for us on Fridays.

Maybe you are an established blogger who has let things lapse and wants to get back on board, or perhaps you are an aspiring blogger who doesn’t quite feel ready to commit to their own site. We have a lovely ready made audience waiting to hear what you have to say.

Ideally we would like people who have skills or interests which are different to ours, perhaps cooking, health, travel or interiors. Your aesthetic should be in tune with us (we are big on visuals) and you should have a unique tone of voice/point of view.

If you don’t feel happy about re-sizing images etc – we can help with editing – what we are really interested in, is what you have to say.

We loved having Sue tell us about her Adventures Before Dementia and Jo Orr’s delicious recipes saw us through the summer. So if you feel you’d like to be part of The Women’s Room team, even for just a short while, please do get in touch.


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