Mid Week Cooking: Dish Next Door

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Imagine this – it’s 6pm, you have at least another hours work to do and nothing in the fridge. And even if there was, the thought of cooking when you get in is a step too far. Take aways are expensive and not very healthy and you’re on a mission to get the family to get their five a day. What to do?

Now imagine this – you have a cooking fairy Godmother /father who lives right around the corner and has cooked up a huge batch of veg curry, complete with home made nan and cucumber raita. Not in the mood for that, well there’s another domestic Goddess a couple of streets away who’s prepared a family sized Lasagne, with a crunchy side salad – and all you have to do is log onto a website, pick a dish, pay with a card and pick up your dinner on the way home.

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No this is not a dream, its an actual thing and it’s called Dish Next Door – although annoyingly (for everyone else, but not me) for now, it’s only in E8/N16. But if my instinct serves me well, it won’t be long before it spreads to other parts of London and the rest of the country.

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I love how technology brings people together and brings great ideas to life. Dish Next Door is like Uber for food and I for one am going to be making full use of the huge variety of talented home cooks from every corner of the world who live on my doorstep.

Watch this space……


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  • Julia Little says:

    I absolutely LOVE this idea. Delicious home cooked food, community based and choice. What’s not to like? I hope it comes West. Maybe I’ll just move East…! Julia

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