How to get through the next couple of days


First we had Brexiety and the resulting fall out (who else has certain members of their family that they will avoid for the forseeable?) and if that wasn’t horrendous enough, now we have Trumpxiety.

I don’t know about you but every time I think about the impending election, I come over all hot (well hotter than usual) and cold. Perhaps it’s something to do with having absolutely no power over the result and my almost obsessive quest for the latest news/poles in the lead up to election day, but this weekend I’ve reached peak Trump and have decided to try to tune out and leave the rest to fate.

So here are my top tips to alleviate Trumpxiety over the next couple of days.

  • Take a bath – light a candle, empty in all of your most luxurious bath salts, pour a glass of wine and lie back and think of England – we may be surrounded by Brexiteers but at least we are not in Iowa!
  • Buy something fluffy, velvety or glittery – Christmas is coming and you can never have too many tactile/sparkly things – especially in times of stress. If Trump gets in you can watch the result, wearing a sequin dress, velvet shoes and fake fur coat. Think tragic drag queen weeping into her Dubonnet, singing My Way.
  • Get drunk – start at lunch time on Tuesday and don’t stop until the results are announced on 4am Wednesday morning –  if Trump gets in you’ll be too hungover to care – at least for a couple of hours.
  • Avoid all news channels and only watch banal reality tv, IACGMOH, TOWIE and RHOC are all good – or alternatively start a new box set. I am on episode 3 of the first of seven seasons of The Gilmore Girls which should keep me going for a while after the results.
  • Plan a holiday – the Isle of Skye or Iceland are probably the safest options at the moment, but they are both places I have always meant to visit – silver lining people silver linings.

The important thing is to make to the most of the last few days of relative normality, as the Guardian pointed out this weekend ‘even if  Trump loses, the relief will be superficial: Trumpism will remain, and the world will have to contend with the fact that about 40% of the US electorate saw little wrong with his racism and misogyny, alleged sexual assaults, business scandals, lies, misrepresentations of his wealth and charitable giving, probable failure to pay taxes, lack of impulse control, profound ignorance and tiny attention span’.

Happy days…..




  • Daniela says:

    Thanks, I really needed some advice on this sorry matter. I’ve become obsessed and needed an excuse to buy a new sequin dress. x Dani

  • Claire Broughton says:

    Couldn’t agree more – we live in scary times!

  • Joy says:

    I’m with you! I’m very much seeking distraction right now! Strongly suggest keeping the earbuds fully fitted and tune into some good podcasts.
    Please keep the blog posts coming as they continue to comfort/entertain/educate me – thank you!
    As you say – Trumpism is now out-of-the-bottle and it’s going to be hard to put back.

  • monix says:

    OMG – I thought I was the only one! We sure live in crazy times – cannot comprehend how Trump got this far. I can’t help thinking is this how our grandparents thought of Hitler’s ascent and if so, shouldn’t we all be doing something (as well as sequins, wine and going lalalala) ?

  • ElaineChicago says:

    Yes, it’s really bad over here!! My Mute Button has become my new Best Friend and The Weather Channel is the only one with no political adverts. And of course all the PBS stations. We have early voting here so Hubbo and I walked up town yesterday and voted. Election Officials said there had been a large amount of early voters.
    I, too, would like to go to Iceland or Scotland. How did things get so bad here?

  • psl. says:

    I think we all sound like a bunch of cry babies. Keep calm and carry on people!

  • Jane says:

    Haha Im certainly crying now

  • Jane says:

    Cant actually bear it Elaine

    J x

  • Jane says:

    I went to Berlin recently Monix and saw many similarities between things hitler said and Trump. Its so scary

    J x

  • Jane says:

    Hope you got one Daniela

    J x

  • Jane says:

    thanks Joy

    J x

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