Studio, Creative Spaces For Creative People by Sally Coulthard

Other people’s work spaces, just like other people’s houses, are endlessly fascinating to me. And when the work space is a creative one, such as a studio or workroom, it’s even more exciting; as well as looking at lots of fabulous fabric/art/drawings/pots/whatever, you can often observe the artistic process behind how stuff gets made.

Studio, by Sally Coulthard and published by Jacqui Small, is a lovely peek into lots of different creative studios, from potters to knitters, textile designers to fine artist, and every one is a delight. It’s like creative speed-snooping, I found myself bookmarking ideas from so many of the images that Middleagedad started to look worried, ‘Are we redecorating?’

If you are an artist with dreams of converting the garden shed, or a quilter with more piled-up fabric than you can ever hope to log-cabin your way through, this book will inspire you to claim your own creative space. Now excuse me, I’m off to buy some pink pinboard…. Buy here

All images from Studio, creative spaces for creative people by Sally Coulthard, published by Jacqui Small Books.

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