London, The Cook Book by Cara Frost-Sharratt

Since we all now have enough cookery books to last a couple of lifetimes (it’s not just me, of that I’m sure) publishers are coming up with new hybrids of the form to keep us buying. So we have London, The Cook Book which, I’ll admit, is a neat idea.

It’s presented as part cook book, part travel guide tour around some of the coolest restaurants in the capital, describing their history, their style and why they are so popular, accompanied by a recipe from the menu, usually their signature/most popular dish. So if you’ve ever wanted the Wolsey’s Eggs Benedict recipe, or Rochelle Canteen’s Braised Shoulder of Lamb, Shallots and Flageolet beans, or The Marksman’s Grilled Quail and Burnt Bay Bread Sauce, this is one for you.

London has an amazing food scene, not just restaurants but artisan producers and street markets too, and the book scoops up recipes from some of the best, including The Kernel Brewery’s Pale Ale Vegetable Tempura and Wildes Cheese’s Urban Grilled Cheese Rarebit.


It would make an excellent gift for anyone visiting London from overseas, or even a teen or young grown up with a bit of a foodie habit.

London, The Cook Book, buy here.


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  • Jessica Milligan says:

    I’ve recently been to London for the first time and I loved it.

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