Its never too late to be an Insta star!

I follow lots of Fashion Influencers on Instagram (for research purposes) and while I love the fact it’s possible to become a brand in ones own right, I increasingly find the constant stream of selfies in carefully chosen locations, accompanied by the latest ‘it’ food, a little tiresome. Many brands have also latched onto this aspirational, but safe, aesthetic, so it is really refreshing to see something new and different.

Over the last year or so, 95 year old Ernestine “Erni” Stollberg has become an Instagram sensation, thanks to her regular appearances for @park_wien, her local fashion store.  Markus Strasser, Park’s co-owner and stylist says

“If I put something very elegant on her, she immediately has an elegant pose, if I put something trashy or something cool on her, her attitude changes immediately for that kind of look, and I almost don’t have to say anything.”



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