Hula hooping at 96

 Hula Girl is a short documentary by Amy Hill and Chris Riess that debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival. Highlighting how the Hula-Hoop wasn’t in fact invented by two male entrepreneurs from California, but Joan Anderson, an Australian maverick… Read More

Greynnaisance, Renaissance and Goldie

Fashion is a fast paced industry that constantly looks to the future and re-invents itself. So it’s surprising how behind it is in terms of gender, diversity and age. Despite people like me (trend forecasters) highlighting the ever changing landscape,… Read More

Simple Pleasures: Relationship Goals

Everywhere you look in London there are interesting people and things to see and it’s important not to become blasé and uninterested, especially when smart phones demand our attention on an almost constant basis – or it that just me?… Read More