Willowberry: A New British Skincare Brand To Consider

Willowberry is a new British skincare brand that uses 100% natural or naturally derived ingredients alongside super-food style ‘boosts’ provided by rosehip oil and chia seed. It’s also the brainchild of Jenni Retourne, someone we’ve known almost since the beginning of The Women’s Room (nearly ten years ago now) as it was she who introduced us (and you) to Neom back when no one had heard of it. Jenni has a great eye for a genuine ‘good thing’ in beauty so we were thrilled to hear that she’s launched her own range.

Natural products and wellness is something she’s really concerned about, so no surprise that her ingredients are top quality naturals with a high nutrient factor to encourage ‘wellness ‘in the epidermis. It’s taken her three years to develop and I really love how she’s deconstructed each product’s ingredients on the website so you can see clearly everything that goes into it.

I’ve been using the rich and waxy Nutrient Boost Cleansing Balm – above left – and I love its golden colour and melt-on-the-skin texture, it is gentle on the skin and leaves it feeling beautifully smooth. I also love the deeply nourishing Nutrient Boost Treatment Oil- it really feels like it’s nourishing me, with its cocktail of vitamins helping to restore and hydrate my tired wrinkles. The Nutrient Boost Day Cream is also good, pleasingly light to the touch and easily absorbed. All three products have a gentle, hardly-there, beeswaxy-chamomile scent that’s very pleasant too.

It’s been very interesting trialing this range right after the excellent Deciem Collection of straight-talking ingredients, we want to know what we’re putting on our skin now, right? Naturals or synthetics, I want to know what I’m using because as a grown up woman who’s been buying beauty stuff all her life, I’ve had enough of the smoke-and-mirrors talk of the beauty industry.

Willowberry is priced sensibly too, not cheap but knowing Jenni, it’s good value for the quality of the ingredients; the face oil is £22.50, the day cream is £24.50 and the cleansing balm £27.95. Find out  more on the Willowberry website



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