Listen to This: The High Low

I’m late to the current craze for Podcasts – I know right, me late to a trend, I must be losing my touch!! Months ago (or even years?), when everyone was banging on about Serial, I was wondering when they had the time to listen to two series with 12 episodes and watch all the things on Netflix, Amazon, Now TV etc.

But when the young people I work with started raving about the latest podcast they had been listening to on their morning’s commute, I finally caved and tried to find some time to listen, as well as watch and read – honestly there’s so much to do these days, there’s barely time for actual relationships with real people!!

Amanda published her excellent guide to her favourite podcasts a while ago and I am slowly working my way through that and subscribing to Desert Island Discs and Womens Hour means I don’t have to miss a single episode, which is life changing.

My current favourite podcast is The High Low by Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes. Based on Tina Brown’s mantra that life is best consumed with a mix of the trivial and the political, this is 90 minutes of politics and pop – but delivered in a ‘two best friends chat to each other’ kind of way.

They are super posh – but aware of their privilege, therefore not annoying and most importantly they are intelligent. Often tackling difficult subjects, they have refreshingly honest views and can be very funny – sometimes unitentionally (Pandora’s R Kelly moment is hilarious). Yes they are young, but the subjects they discuss are as interesting to me, as they are to my daughter.

My only complaint is that they seem to target millennials – which I don’t think is relevant. Millennials and 70 somethings read our blog and as I always tell my children – the rules are, there are no rules!

Now I just have to persude my bestie to do a podcast with me – two transatlantic middleagedmums discussing why we love Drake, why men shouldn’t wear flip flops and how to get our giant 20 something sons to do some housework!



  • S town from the house of Serial/This American Life is totally stella. Journalism at its best.
    The brilliant commentator Bryan Reed and producer Julie Snyder are to be congratulated and, it’s a true story, sort of in real time. Not to be missed.

  • Sarah says:

    I’d totally listen to you – make it happen please!

  • Ellen says:

    I will check out this podcast on your recommendation, but not thrilled with all the milennial focus on everything in life. I definitely would LOVE a podcast that you do. Please do it!

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