Frieze Fashion (and a bit of art) 2017

It’s hard to believe we’ve been writing up Frieze London Fashion since 2010, so much art and so many clothes!

In Jane’s excellent Frieze Colour yesterday, she mentions she’s a little cynical about the art and the insanely rich people buying it. People with money rocking up in their this-season, designer finery to check out the art and each other. This is my seventh year of attending the fair and I looked only briefly at the art this time, because for me it’s ALL about the clothes. It’s the very best place to see how artists, art buyers and art lovers put their outfits together. Here are my favourites along with the trends I spotted.

The sunray pleated skirt. Blimey, if there was one style that stood out on the VIP day, it was the pleated skirt. It was everywhere, in every fabric. My favourite was this beautiful one below in graphic print. I can’t find where it’s from, but there’s a Whistles one (with an elasticated waist, just saying) that looks good.

I lost count of the silver and gold metallic ones. My take away thought on this is that you need to have very few curves to make it look good. Or wear a longish sweater over the top perhaps. How are you wearing yours, if you are? Below is how the glamorous millennial is wearing it.

Chunky Boots. From Dr Martens to Burberry, there were a lot of weighty ankle boots adding a sense of toughness to some very cool outfits. Also baker’s caps. Totally adored this pink suit below.

Loved the pink lace skirt worn up with some very elegant-tough ankle boots, below. Not sure who these are by, but Isabel Marant has a similar pair.

Some of the best outfits are less about designer labels and more about artfully curated clothes. Loved this outfit below, which had me perusing Ebay for suede jackets.

Oh my goodness, the velvet dress below. I could not take my eyes off this wonderfully stylish gallerist who represented the artist, Billie Zangewa. And in a sea of white walls, I thought the gorgeous green used here worked brilliantly.

Is this a dress? Nope, it’s a textile art piece, wonderfully named Mariah Carey, by Eric N. Mack.

I caught up with Lucille Lewin, original founder of Whistles, below left, who is now a fully fledged artist herself, having just completed an MA in ceramics from the Royal College of Art. She recently won the Young Masters Ceramic Prize something she was delighted about, and should inspire anyone wondering if there’s an age limit to artistic creativity. Of course there’s not.

I can’t remember the name of Lucille’s very stylish friend, but they were both loving the work of South African artist and activist Zanele  Muholi, below.

Big/Short Trousers. Cropped, ankle skimming, oversized at the top but with slender legs, they sound weird but they look cool and were everywhere.

Everything about the below outfit made me want to start a list of ‘things to consider’ when I’m shopping again. The proportions are great, that slim puffa jacket and the big/short slender legged trousers. Are they R13 perhaps?

Here they are again, and inspired by this outfit below, burgundy might be my new navy blue….Have already bookmarked these Mui Mui ones in case there’s any left in the sale next year…

Colour block trainers worn with ankle skimming trousers were still ubiquitous. Are we ever going to move out of trainers  again? Are they pashmina of today? Too darn comfy and useful to ever give up?

I was reading this weekend that the Stan Smith style white trainer is very much over. No one seemed to care at Frieze.

I had an excellent guide around Frieze London art in Middleagedad, who is studying sculpture at the RCA currently and who informed me that something old placed with something new, such as the below Reworking of Giotto by Jeff Koons, is very hot right now.

There’s also a strong trend towards tension-sensual art. Using touchy-feely fabrications that evoke a sense of wanting to smooth or stroke but not being allowed to.  I wanted to lick this delicious Daniel Knorr piece, in glistening polyurethane, below.

And what to make of this fluffy chair-like installation by, which looked weirdly sexual to me. I’m not sure what that says about my head.

Finally, I loved this clever Keith Coventry piece, Junk Painting, below, which looked like something you could knock up at home, but of course you never would.

And my final fav outfit, this artfully comfy-looking padded jacket worn over a simple chambray shirt dress.

Hope that’s inspired a few outfit ideas, what are you wearing right now?










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