The Accidental Botanist by Robbie Honey

Robbie Honey is one of my favourite florists, not only is he super-talented, but he’s also utterly lovely. We interviewed him for We Wear Perfume and I’ve been a fan of his entertaining and artful  instagram feed ever since. Also his candles are divine.

He is very good in his mini insta-videos, where I think he comes across as the David Attenborough of the plant world. He is half based in London and half based in his home in Zimbabwe, where he grew up, and his parents still live, in what appears to be a magical colonial-style home.

His book, The Accidental Botanist is a compilation of some of his best deconstructed plant images and written insights into the plants he loves. An absolute joy and a perfect gift for any flower-loving, plant-loving person.

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