Beauty Aimed At Us: Perricone MD And The 40Plus Women

While we’ve been on our summer hols (welcome back BTW, hope yours was great) we’ve been inundated with beauty skincare brands aimed at the 40plus woman. What’s going on? I’ve got a few to talk about over the next few weeks, but we’re going to start with the lovely Perricone MD range.

Beauty is SO far ahead of fashion in terms of understanding what us grown up woman want. I think these brands are savvier at knowing we’ll pay for something good if we find it and anyway, beauty is clearly the new fashion in our trend forecasting world. More about that in a later post too.

Dr Perricone (an actual person, still alive due to eating himself heathy) is a well established US brand which was one of the first to use super-charged, science-y ingredients to improve your skin and is aimed specifically at the 40plus woman. At the recent press breakfast, their chief scientist said ‘we’re not aimed at Millennials’. Well hoorah for that!

It’s having a bit of a reboot, with a nicely inspiring marketing film about empowered older women (although surprised to see few women of colour used) and a new potent skincare range, Essential FX, aimed at skin that’s already ‘aged’ (ahem, most of us I suspect) and prone to dryness. It was introduced to us by a very enthusiastic Lisa Snowdon, who has used the brand for over ten years. She implied that her ‘actor boyfriend at the time’, ie George Clooney, used the brand and recommended it to her and she’s used it ever since.

We’re actually very happy with our wrinkles and creases, but I have to say it’s a very lovely collection. The hero product is the Deep Crease Serum, a silky smooth and fast absorbed lotion which can help smooth out crepiness and soften lines. For me it’s about making my skin feel better rather than what it does to my creases, I get dryness around my forehead and this has removed the tightness. I am also loving the Rejuvinating Moisturiser and have high hopes for the Eyelid Lift Serum although that might be a product too far for some.

Proper clinical trails have been done to demonstrate the product actually works, which is always reassuring.  The magic ingredients are Acyl-glutathione a master antioxident and Vitamin F (basically a fat) made from flax, chia and macadamia seeds. You can drop those into conversation with people who may be interested or vaguely understand what they do or are beauty nerds, of which there are many.

We warmed to the people involved, Dr Perricone himself wasn’t around, but there was a lot of very sensible talk about letting the skin shine and not covering it in lots of cosmetics or using a mad amount of products. We were also inspired by the flower displays featuring kale and broccoli, all ingredients used within the range.

I am a huge fan of the No Make Up foundation, which is a lovely sheer weight and lasts for ages, but we were also directed towards the really gorgeous No Foundation Foundation Serum, a dewy velvety formula that flowed lightly on the skin and both Jane and I are going to buy because it was love at first squirt.

Definitely a range to consider if your skin is looking tired or dull and needs a revamp. I have to admit to being completely smitten with the whole collection. It launches shortly in Harrods or at Perricone MD


  • michele A. wheldon says:

    If it’s not in a tube or pump the creams are a,waste of money. Any time your fingers touch the cream your adding dirt and germs, if the air hits it the active ingredient lose their potency.

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